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Areas of Experties
Assessment & Evaluation 

The Assessment and Evaluation process outlines the characteristics, weaknesses and strengths of the organization, as well as the market threats and opportunities.

The purpose of this process is to identify opportunities for significant improvements within the organization, and to present the strategy and the key steps to achieve them.

The process takes between a few hours for an initial evaluation to a couple of weeks for in-depth analysis that encompasses a wide range of factors of the organization.

Operational Strategy

An Operational Strategy refers to the fundamental methods by which companies and organizations achieve their goals.

We will formulate an optimal operational strategy for you, enabling your company to implement an effective and holistic system that makes optimal use of the organization's resources, processes, and communication.

The strategy addresses both priorities and control system to manage them.

Global Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the management of the flow, conversion, storage and distribution of goods and services.

The challenges in SCM include identifying appropriate suppliers, negotiating favorable contracts, effective management and clear communication within the organization, inventory management, global transportation, service provision.

We will provide you with our extensive experience in establishing, expanding and effectively managing your supply chain to create a dynamic and efficient supply of goods and services

Production Management

Production is the process of converting raw materials and components into valuable products for the company's customers.

Production includes manufacturing technologies and processes, quality assurance, equipment operation, training, plant management, maintenance, planning and control.

We will improve your company’s production methods and practices to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your resources to meet or exceed your customer expectations.

Inventory Management

Inventory is one of the largest financial obligation of manufacturing and distribution companies.

Inventory exists throughout the supply chain and includes raw materials, in-process and finished goods.

The million dollar (or more) question faced by manufacturers and distributors is how much stock to hold and produce in order to satisfy the customer's needs, on the one hand, and avoid heavy inventory financing on the other hand.

By implementing proven and effective models, we will create an optimal and effective inventory management system for you.

New Product Introduction

You have developed a great product but not sure how to bring it to mass production? you are not alone.

Having led this process many times over, we have developed a systematic, practical approach for managing a process that ensures your dream product will become true. At high quality and optimal cost.

Read more about this process in this blog.

Project Management

A project is the framework of the process for achieving a defined one-time output over a given period of time and at a planned budget.

Reality shows that most projects meet two or less of these three critical parameters.

By using a proven project management model and our vast experience, we will lead you through your project management so that all three parameters of a successful project are met - the content of the project, the duration of the project and the project budget

Plant Layout Planning

A non-optimal factory layout creates longer and unnecessary transportation of materials and products within the plant. This can result in delays in deliveries, damage of goods, lack of process control and heavy inventory, which add cost, but do not add any value.

By optimizing the plant layout, we will minimize these occurrences, improve the plant operation and increase production.

Lean Management & TOC

The implementation of these proven methods have resulted in exceptional achievements in numerous industrial and logistics companies, public services and security agencies around the world.

The expertise we bring to your company is based on our many projects with local and international companies.

The results from implementing these methods include streamlining operations and increasing throughput throughout the organization, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Practitioner Certification 

*TOC - Theory Of Constraints

*TOCICO (Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization)

Training and Mentoring

We are committed to your success in every move we make in your company. We will support your managers and employees throughout the implementation of our solution to successful completion of their missions.

In addition, managers can enjoy personal mentoring to help them achieve their goals and objectives.