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Drum Buffer Rope (DBR) has never looked as promising as it does in the age of Industry 4.0.

In today’s production environment, where decision makers are supported by fast processing of mass data, DBR is the best model for focusing management attention and action.

DBR is...


הסתגלות והתאמה לתנאי השוק המשתנים במהירות הם תנאי הכרחי לחברות הרוצות לשרוד ולשגשג.

אולם שינוי התנהלות חברה יוצר לא פעם התנגדות של עובדים ואפילו של חלק מהמנהלים.

רתימת העובדים כשותפים במהלך השינוי תהפוך אותם ממעכבי השינוי למחוללי השינוי. בכך, יוסר החלק הקשה ביותר בתהליך...


"Nothing is sold until the end user has gotten the product." 

Eliyahu M. Goldratt, TOC Originator

Once your products have been produced, you have to make sure your customers get them safely and on time.

​Usually, companies that specialize in creating the products do not...


Once a company is ready to producing its new product it has to make a strategic decision: Produce in its owned operation (Make) or contract the manufacturing to subcontractors (Buy).

There are pros and cons to each one of these two alternatives. The following list highl...


Design for X takes into account a wide array of key considerations throughout the product life cycle.

In the previous post we reviewed the Materials and Manufacturing Technologies selection. After completion of this phase the product should be designed so that it can be...


The product definition, we discussed earlier, leads us to the materials we want to use in our product. Each material has several potential processing technologies, from which we want to select the most appropriate one.

Some of the considerations in the material selectio...


Product definition deals with major tangible and intangible attributes the product has to satisfy.

In the previous blog, we outlined the five steps of bringing a product from prototype phase to mass production and distribution.

This time we will review the first, an...


The transition of a product from prototype phase to mass production is a complex and critical aspect of the product commercialization process.

Managing this transition properly is essential to maintaining the budget and time constraints that are integral to every new pr...

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